How To Lower Your Golf Handicap In 6 Simple Steps

Lowering your golf handicap just got easier with these 6 simple steps. Lowering your score will take time, but if you apply these tips you may have a lower golf handicap sooner than you thought. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Utilize The Range

Practicing on the driving range is crucial to lowering your golf score. A key component to getting the most out of your time on the range is to hit shots as if you were actually playing a round. Use the clubs you would use on each hole. 

2. Play In A Variety Of Conditions 

If you want to lower your golf handicap, you’ve got to play in unfamiliar territory. If you play on the same course every day, you’ll know every angle which could hinder your progress. You’ve got to constantly be pushing yourself if you want a low handicap. Playing in different conditions will allow you to see how your ball moves, which clubs are most effective for your shot, and increase your knowledge. 

3. The Power Of Stretching 

A quick two second stretch before you start playing golf is not an effective routine. Take your time stretching your arms, legs, kneck, and core so you can swing with ease. You don’t want to "bounce" the stretch. Instead you will want to have steady, patient stretches that you’ll want to hold for 20+ seconds. Once you’ve stretched, focus on keeping your muscles relaxed and loose so you can lower your score.

4. Work On Your Short Game

Working on your short game will lower your score! Select a putting drill that challenges you and practice it everyday. Doing so will help you get more familiar with the feel of the putt and how your ball moves. Missed shots during your short game can add up quickly, so start practicing to lower your handicap. 

5. Take Yourself Out On The Course

Playing with your friends is great, and so is going out on the course by yourself. Those quiet moments while you’re alone on the course will give you a chance to just focus on your game. Being able to take multiple shots on a hole will help you see how far you hit with each club. Taking a rangefinder on the course will give you a more accurate reading of how far you hit. 

6. Be Aware Of Hazards

Keeping your ball out of the rough, water, bunkers, etc. will save you a lot of unwanted shots. Become aware of where these hazards lie. A lot of good golfers will play a higher percentage shot with a lower risk so they don’t have penalty strokes to add to their score.

Start using these 6 simple steps to lower your golf handicap today! All it takes is consistent practice, and a patient attitude to help get the score you desire.