How to Hit a Golf Ball Far:
7 Effective Tips

Do you want to know how to hit a golf ball farther? You’re in the right place with the best golf driving tips.

There's always a thrill teeing up for the first hole of the day. You place your ball, line up the shot, and then-- crack!

The ball goes flying only to nosedive right back onto the fairway. Maybe the tee broke, maybe the wind caught you off guard, or maybe Ted was yammering on his cell about last night's game. Regardless of the reason, your ball isn't on the green.

And you want it on the green.

Here are a few ways for how to drive a golf ball farther.

1. Take the Time for a Perfect Drive

There's an old saying when hunting. "Take a deep breath, steady your nerves, finger on the trigger... Bang!"

The same is true for golf.

The first step towards making the perfect drive is making sure you've steadied yourself. Tighten the grip, take a wide stance, keep your eye on the ball... Go.

2. Start with the Perfect Tee

It's a shame when you think you've gone for a perfect hit, just to see the tee splinter and launch further than the ball.

That's why you need to invest in the right tee. Telos Premium Golf Tees offer superior performance and durability compared to normal wooden tees. They're easily adjustable making each drive consistent and accurate. Don't let bad tees ruin your shots!

3. Move Those Hips

A powerful hit comes from moving your entire body and this is fundamental in driving a golf ball farther. Pull the club all the way through, rotating your hips instead of pushing with your arms.

You'll generate more momentum, leading to a faster swing speed.

4. Use Your Weight

As with moving your hips, shifting your weight from your back leg to your front through your swing is critical when you want to drive a golf ball farther. Distribute your weight evenly through the backswing, to roughly 90% on your front by its end.

5. Prioritize Control Over Power

Control comes through discipline. Take time at a driving range to practice key aspects of controlling the swing. Start with a wide stance, get your grip right, and take practice swings.

As you practice, you'll hone in on what the tempo is for hitting the ball's sweet spot every single time.

6. Check Yourself on a Launch Monitor

If you've yet to practice with a launch monitor, you're doing yourself a disservice. These devices analyze everything from ball speed to launch angle. Once you have practical feedback on your swing, you'll be able to know which specific points you need to adjust.

The one bummer is you're not going to be able to blame a bad drive on your outdated driver anymore.

7. Find a Golf Coach

If you've done all the rest and still feel yourself wondering how to hit a golf ball farther, find a coach in your area. They'll be able to work with you on each aspect of your game, not just your initial drive.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Far

Equipment, technique, and practice are key to getting it on the green.

At Yatta Golf we want to help. Check out our Telos Premium Golf Tees today. They're adjustable to your liking and hold up better compared to traditional wooden tees and regular plastic tees. If you don't love them you can get your money back, no questions asked.

Make your golf game the best it can be, and hit that golf ball far!