How to Choose the Best Golf Tees

Golf requires hours of practice, trained skill, mental toughness — and a heck of a lot of patience. It also requires the right equipment and tools — from irons and wedges, drivers, woods, and putters to golf balls and, yes, even golf tees.

But as all golfers know — not all tees are created equal. And if you want to add an edge to your game, you need quality products. So, how do you know which golf tees to use? What should you look for?

Keep reading to discover what makes the best golf tees stand above the rest! 

#1 — Consider Tee Construction

Today, there are roughly five different and common types of golf tees:


And beyond the common standards, there are still even more nuanced tee variations, like:

Pronged Tees
Anti-Slice Tees
Zero-Friction Tees
Bristle Tees
And more!

So, when determining which tee is best and right for you, it's important to consider which type of tee construction and material you want to use. For instance, wooden tees are biodegradable, timeless, and definitely have been most universally-used throughout the history of golf, but they're also easily broken and don't offer many of the benefits of the other variations listed above. And, it goes without saying, but a golfer's tees add a unique sense of style and personality to his or her game.

So have fun, choose wisely, and keep this in mind when purchasing your next pack of tees!

#2 — Consider Tee Height

It's also important to consider how tall your tees are. Why? Because your ball should sit at a specific height depending on which club you're using.

Common tee heights are:

2.75 inches
3.25 inches
4 inches

For instance, if you're using a driver, you'll want the tallest tees you can find, allowing you ample room to tee your ball as high as you prefer. But if you're hitting a wood from the tee box, you won't need as much height — and so on and so forth down even to a club like a nine-iron, which will barely require any height at all.

So, just like tee construction, keep golf tee height in mind as well when purchasing your next pack of tees.

#3 — Consider Tee Durability

Finally, when choosing the best golf tees, it's also important that you factor in golf tee durability.

Like we mentioned earlier, while wooden tees are very commonly used, they're also very commonly broken. And if you don't want to have to keep buying tees after each round of nine or eighteen holes, then it's important to invest in some quality options.

If you're dead set on using wooden tees, bamboo is probably your strongest option, but if you're okay going with other alternatives, plastic, rubber, and even metal tees (e.g. titanium) are going to last longer.

But, what if you want the best of all three, construction, height and durability in a single tee? 

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