How Long Does It Take To Play 9 Holes Of Golf - And A Few Interesting Facts

How Long Does It Take To Play 9 Holes Of Golf?

On average, it should take about 13 minutes for each hole, which means it will take about 2 hours to play 9 holes. Par 3’s typically take 10 minutes, par 4’s take about 13 minutes, while par 5’s come in around 15 minutes to complete.

How Can I Speed Up My Game?

Below is a list of how you can speed up your golf game.


It is not uncommon for individuals to lose their golf ball(s) in the obstacles sprinkled on the course. It is okay to go looking for your golf ball, but don’t take too long because it can slow down your game, and others if it’s a busy day on the course. 


Your golf bag can be your best friend or a source of frustration. Keep your clubs organized, as well as all the other nooks and crannies of the golf bag. It will be easier to focus on your next shot if you don't have to search through every single club.


If you have a golf cart you’re going to have a shorter playing time. If you were to lose a golf ball it can be found faster using a golf cart. 

Play Ready Golf

Playing ready golf can be a great way to speed up your playing time. Instead of going in a particular order, ready golf allows whomever is ready to take their turn. This can save up to 30 minutes of time!


You can plan your next strategic move even before it’s your turn to swing. Determine how far you need to hit, and then pick your club based on that. You can be thinking about this while others are taking their turn and it won’t disrupt them. 

20 Second Rule

From selecting your club to your pre-shot routine, try to do this all in 20 seconds. This will help keep the game moving. 


When you're playing, try to stay immediately behind the group in front of you, instead of immediately in front of the group that’s behind you. It is okay to be a little slow, but if it’s slowing down the group behind you invite them to go in front of you.

Pre-Shot Routine

Pre-shot routines are important, and it can really help create consistency through the seasons, just make sure it’s not too long. Try not to do multiple practice swings (practice that on the driving range) but reduce it to about one then take your shot. Be efficient by being ready for your turn, and start moving towards your next shot after you hit.

Team Player

Everyone needs help sometimes on the course. Track the flight of others tee shots so if they can’t find the ball you’ll know the general direction and can help them find theirs, not just your own. You can also help others by filling in divots, or raking a bunker. 

Playing 9 holes of golf should only take about 2 hours, which is great for anyone who still wants to play golf, but can only play for a short time. Try playing 9 holes and see how you like it! Save time, and have a great time!