How Hyperice is Changing the Game

Golf may not exactly be a new sport but there are always innovations that are tweaking and enhancing the game. There are advanced tees, carbon fiber clubs, you name it. However, professional tournaments are highly-regulated. As a result, not all of these innovations hit the pro stage right away.

Now, though, we're seeing a rare change in pro golfing: percussion therapy guns from Hyperice. PGA recently announced that for the PGA Tour, they've established a partnership with Hyperice. They'll include the brand's Hypervolt GO in each golfer's bag.

What Is the Hyperice Hypervolt GO?

The Hyperice Hypervolt GO is a percussion therapy device. It uses a fast-pulsing type of massage to target muscle soreness and tense muscles.

This type of therapy has multiple benefits. For one, it eases muscle tension and soreness. That helps users recover from activity more quickly.

Second, it stimulates blood flow to the muscles, helping them warm up sooner and perform better. Third, it can relax overly rigid connective tissue. That improves flexibility and muscle function. 

How the Hyperice Hypervolt Will Change Golf

As with any sport, part of a golfer's success depends on their athleticism. By allowing this percussion therapy use throughout tournaments, the PGA is triggering several interesting shifts. 

Prolonged Endurance

It's easy to see differences in many golfers' performance depending on how far they are into a tournament. As they reach the latter holes, they're tired, sore, and stiff so their accuracy or drive power may drop.

Percussion therapy, however, can help their muscles recover more fully between each hole. This improved endurance could significantly change players' performance over the course of a tournament. 

Fewer Player Injuries

There are all too many ways a golfer can develop an injury, and some are accidental and inevitable. In other cases, though, injuries happen because players have prolonged tension and inflammation in various areas. Instead of giving their bodies the rest they need, they push through to finish a tournament.

Percussion therapy, however, can relieve tension and developing issues in the middle of a tournament. With less need to "push through the pain," golfers are less likely to push their bodies too far and develop injuries.  

Longer Careers

Clearly, golfers tend to play longer than athletes in many other sports like football and basketball. Still, golf can take a toll on the body over time because golfers are pushing their bodies so hard, and this can shorten their careers.

This is often due to injuries that develop or worsen over the course of a golfer's career, but that could change with ongoing percussion therapy. Just as fewer players will develop injuries in the first place, fewer players will have injuries so severe that they must retire.

Hyperice and Your Golf Game

While we can develop educated estimates for the way professional golf could change with the Hyperice and PGA partnership, there are many unknowns that we look forward to discovering as the technology becomes more prevalent. In the meantime, though, you can get the Hyperice Hypervolt for yourself and enjoy the advantages in your own golf game.

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