Here's Why This Golf Tee
Is Better Than the Rest

For many golfers which tee you use and how you use it is an afterthought. But for those who struggle with their shots from the tee box or those looking to improve their game, its time to give which golf tee you are using some much-needed attention.

Shots from the tee box should be the easiest shot on each hole. You control the lie and lift of the ball, and your golf tee and placement are central to this shot. Not all golf tees are created equal, and knowing which golf tee to buy will dramatically improve your game.

Here is our guide to golf tees and why the Telos Golf Tee is the best golf tee and will give you an edge over your competition.

Golf Tee Length

Tees vary in length, usually from about 2 ¼ inches to a maximum of 4 inches, as per the rules of golf. Golf tee length is a matter of personal preference. Longer tees produce more distance whilst shorter tees tend to give more accuracy.

This also means that the hole you are playing and the club you select will influence what length tee you use. Long holes where you will be teeing off with a large head driver will require a 3- to 4-inch tee. A shorter hole where you will be teeing off with an iron would require a 2 ¼ inch tee.

Golf Tee Material

Golf tees are made from a range of materials. The most common tee materials are wood, bamboo, and plastic. Wooden tees are the most common but are the least durable.

Plastic tees have become increasingly popular for their improved durability and because they produce less friction with the ball which can improve distance.

The Telos Premium Golf Tee

You have 18 shots each round with a guaranteed perfect lie, your tee shots. Getting these right each and every time will give you an edge over your competition. The best golf tee is the Telos Premium Golf tee which is an adjustable tee that will ensure you tee up at the same height each time. You can adjust your height for irons, woods, and drivers.

Each tee comes with a disc that you can set on your tee for the correct height. All you need to do is place the disc on the tee and place it in the ground and you will be teeing up from the same height for each shot.

Using the Telos golf tee will improve your consistency and your overall game instantly. You will be able to insert your tee into the ground at the correct height every time. This eliminates an often overlooked variable that can have a significant impact on your performance.

The Telos tee is the best adjustable tee on the market because it lasts. Telos tees are built with a semi-flexible, impact-modified plastic. Each tee is designed to last well over 180 shots. Other adjustable tees will begin to bend out of shape after only 4 or 5 shots. The Telos tee won't bend. So you will get consistent height on each shot.

You also won't have to waste time searching for lost tees. The Telos tee is designed to stay in the ground or as near as possible to you. And the vivid color combinations make them easy to spot.

The Right Tee For You

Knowing which golf tee to buy is too often overlooked. Each hole requires a different tee size depending on the shot. Finding a durable adjustable tee that gives you consistent and correct heights each and every shot will significantly improve your golf game.

You have complete control over each tee box shot, so why leave it to chance. Purchase the Telos Premium Golf Tee today and bring consistency to your game.