Four Of The Most Amazing LPGA Hall Of Fame Members

There are so many amazing LPGA Hall Of Fame members that have paved the way for what golf is today for women. In this article, we are going to highlight some of these amazing LPGA Hall Of Fame members and what they did to make golf the amazing sport it is today.

Susie Maxwell Berning 

Susie Maxwell Berning entered the golf world at 15 years old, and was the first female to get a golf scholarship from Oklahoma City University and she played on the men’s team. Throughout her career she won 11 times including four majors, and is one of only 6 women who have won 3 or more U.S. Women’s Open. 

Meg Mallon

Although Meg Mallon’s career started out slow she took off in 1991. That year she had 4 wins in 12 top-10 finishes. She went on to win 18 LPGA championship titles with a total of 4 majors. 

Another interesting thing about Meg is some think she's “prophetic” because she said, 

“I figure if I can win the U.S. Women’s Open, the Red Sox can win the World Series.”

Then they won the 2004 World Series over the St. Louis Cardinals. Wow. 

She retired from the tour in 2010 and is now found among the greats in the World Golf Hall Of Fame.

Se Ri Pak

Se Ri Pak became a trailblazer for hundreds of Korean golfers who wanted to be in the LPGA. Se Ri Pak was 1 of only 2 women to win two Majors in their first season. She’s won 5 majors, 20 LPGA wins, and an additional 8 wins at other tournaments.

In 1999 she was hospitalized for some injuries, but mostly from exhaustion. After taking care of herself she returned and won the 2006 McDonald's LPGA Championship. She’s an inspiration to us all. 

Marilynn Smith 

Marilynn Smith actually thought golf was a “sissy sport” until she started playing after she retired from baseball in her pre-teen years. Marilynn went on to win 2 Major Championships, 19 LPGA Tour wins, and an additional 6 wins as well.

She and a group of women became huge advocates for the Women’s Professional Golf Association in 1949 when it was looking like it might be discontinued. Marilynn went on to serve as Secretary and President for the Ladies Professional Golf Association and made frequent appearances on the radio, TV and participating in civic luncheons and press conferences. She also wanted the LPGA to appeal to baseball fans so she went and hit golf balls at a Major League Baseball game. Marilynn paved the way for female golfers everywhere.

In addition, she also became the first female commentator for Major Championships and PGA Tour.

There are many other amazing LPGA Hall Of Fame Members that have done wonders for the golf world. You can learn about their stories here.