Four Mental Golf Tips
That Will Undoubtedly Improve Your Game

This article is focused on bringing you the best mental golf tips so you can enjoy your rounds. Golf mental game tips are just as important as the physical aspects of golf. Continue reading to learn about the best mental tips for golf.

1. Read Mental Golf Game Books

One of the best mental tips for golf is to read books that focus on the mental aspects of the game. Here are our top mental golf game books:

Zen Golf: Mastering The Mental Game

  • This book is written by Joseph Parent who combined his experiences as a PGA coach and Buddhist instructor to provide mental golf tips that can improve your game. Zen Golf’s objective is to help you eliminate mental distractions that contribute to poor shots and loss of concentration. This book will help you clear your mind, achieve ultimate focus, and play in the moment. 

Mastering Golf’s Mental Game 

  • Dr. Michael Lardon with Matthew Rudy wrote this book to improve your mental game. Dr. Michael Lardon shows how to organize your thoughts so that you can perform better. He also provides a step-by-step Pre-Shot Pyramid to help you with your shot setup. This book also provides a Mental Scorecard. This Mental Scorecard will give you the tools you need to measure what you do on the course and make necessary improvements. Dr. Michael Lardon lays out the same techniques he shares with tour players giving you the extra mental tips you need to succeed. 

Fearless Golf: Conquering The Mental Game

  • This mental golf game book is written by Dr. Gio Valiante and will help you overcome the fears that sabotage your game. Valiante is a pioneering sports psychologist and has studied athletes' fears. Through this studying he has developed a program to help them, and now you, conquer fears.

2. Don’t Over Think

Another great golf mental game tip is to not overthink. Over thinking will take away from the present moment. Take a deep breath and focus on the here and now. Do your best not to overthink the holes you’ve already played, or shots you wish you could have done better on. Stay relaxed and start each hole with a good mental space. 

3. Don’t Give Up

Everyone at some point has a bad round of golf, but don’t give up. Amateur golfers have a handicap for a reason so have patience as you continue to develop your golf skills. If you realize you’re not going to beat your best score, switch your focus. You can try beating your handicap, or improving your short game for the rest of that game. Don’t give up, you can always improve in something on your worst days.

4. Keep A Good Attitude

The last mental golf tip we have for you is to keep a good attitude no matter how your round is going. Instead of focusing on the negatives, use them as a learning opportunity that you can improve on the next time you play. Freeing your mind from negative mental space may allow you to improve your skills faster, and you’ll probably have a more enjoyable time.

Try out these four golf mental game tips and watch your game improve.