Exploring Fling Golf:
A New Twist on Traditional Golf

In the world of sports, innovation is the name of the game. One such innovation that has been making waves recently is Fling Golf. Learn more about this exciting new sport below.

What is Fling Golf?

Fling Golf, also known as Flinggolf, was created in 2012 by Alex Van Alen, a sports entrepreneur. Fling golf is an exciting hybrid sport that combines elements of golf and lacrosse. It introduces a fresh and thrilling way to experience golf courses, making it accessible to a broader audience. Fling Golf is played with a specialized Fling Golf stick, a key component that sets it apart from traditional golf.

The Fling Golf Stick: A Unique Twist

The Fling Golf stick, also referred to as the "Fling Stick," is the heart of this sport. Unlike a traditional golf club, the Fling Golf stick has a distinct design resembling a cross between a lacrosse stick and a putter. It features a long shaft with a scoop-shaped head, designed to effortlessly "fling" the ball towards the target.

Fling Golf's Appearance on "Shark Tank"

Fling Golf gained national attention when it was featured on the hit TV show "Shark Tank." The exposure helped propel the sport into the mainstream, drawing interest from both investors and sports enthusiasts. The Sharks were impressed by the unique concept and the potential for Fling Golf to revolutionize golf courses.

How to Play Fling Golf

Playing Fling Golf is easy and doesn't require extensive training or a golfing background. Here are the basic steps to get started:

  • Grip the Fling Stick: Hold the Fling Golf stick with both hands, similar to how you would grip a lacrosse stick.
  • Choose Your Target: Just like in golf, identify your target – the hole you aim to reach.
  • Fling the Ball: With a fluid motion, scoop up the ball and fling it towards the target. The stick's design allows for both distance and accuracy.
  • Scoring: Fling Golf follows a scoring system similar to golf, with the objective being to complete each hole in as few "flings" as possible.

Differences from Traditional Golf

While Fling Golf shares similarities with traditional golf, it offers a unique experience:

  • Equipment: Instead of clubs, Fling Golf utilizes the specialized Fling Stick.
  • Speed of Play: Fling Golf tends to be faster-paced, making it suitable for players looking for a quicker round.
  • Accessibility: Fling Golf is more accessible to newcomers to the sport, thanks to its simpler mechanics.

Where to Play Fling Golf

Fling Golf courses are becoming increasingly prevalent at golf courses across the United States and internationally. Many golf courses are adapting to include Fling Golf as an additional offering. To find a course near you, check out the official Fling Golf website or inquire with your local golf courses.

Still interested in learning more about Fling Golf and its rapidly growing community? Listen to the podcast "Future of the Fairway" as host Adam Copeland dives deeper into Fling Golf's origins and potential. Check out this episode— featuring Yatta Golf's cofounder, Kelby Gatrell and Director of Sales, Eric Bond— for further insight into Fling Golf as well as Yatta Golf's background story. 

Fling Golf is a fantastic innovation that breathes new life into the world of golf. With its unique Fling Stick, easy-to-learn rules, and increasing availability, it's a sport that's worth trying for both seasoned golfers and newcomers. Whether you're drawn to its appearance on "Shark Tank" or simply seeking a fresh sporting experience, Fling Golf has something to offer. So, grab your Fling Stick, head to a course, and give this exhilarating sport a fling!

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