Flexible Golf Tees -
Built To Last. Designed To Drive Consistency.

A crucial aspect of golf is the tee. Many people overlook this golf accessory, but it can dramatically improve or hinder your game. You’ll want a tee that is built to last and drives consistency. Below is a guide on finding flexible golf tees that will improve your game. 

Is Tee Height Important?

Yes! If you are wanting to drive consistency, then you need a golf tee that will be at the exact same height every time you tee up. Each club needs the tee to be at a slightly different height, so you need a flexible, adjustable golf tee.

Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees provide consistency by allowing you to adjust the tee height for any club. The adjustable disk discourages the tee from sinking lower, or raising higher than what your current club requires for an accurate shot. A slight variation in tee height can greatly impact your game.

Impact tape may be a good investment for you because it will show you where the ball is connecting with the club. You will see a physical representation of how you can adjust the tee height to hit better shots.


Built to Last

Finding a tee that is durable and built to last will save you money, time, and frustration. When looking for that tee, find flexible golf tees. Instead of spending money on flimsy tees, how about purchasing some that will last you an entire golf season?

Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees are built to last the average golfer an entire season. These tees are made with durable polymers which means they will last longer, and as a result will save you money because you won’t have to buy flimsy tees that break after a couple of hits.

Yatta Golf’s high-grade impact-resistant tees are great because they are flexible golf tees. This is beneficial because you don’t want your tee to bend out of its shape. A warped tee will make teeing up more difficult, and your hits will be worse.

We highly recommend Telos Tees because they are flexible golf tees, durable, and will last you an entire season of golf.

Why Should I Look For A Flexible Golf Tee VS. Wooden Tees?

Let's take a look at wooden tees. Although those have been the traditional choice for decades, they aren’t great tees. Wooden tees break easier and often leave colorful marks on your clubs. Even though they seem inexpensive, you end up paying more because they break or they get lost while playing.

Plastic tees have become the preferred choice among most golfers and there are some drawbacks to those as well even though they are better compared to wooden tees. A plastic tee can still lose its shape, and lose its strength as it’s used.

You’ll want to find flexible golf tees with impact development and strength, and that’s why we suggest Telos Tees because it fits that mold.