Five Reasons Why You Need
This American Flag Golf Shirt

Rep the red, white, and blue all year long with Yatta Golf’s American flag golf shirt. Here’s five reasons why you should show your patriotism with the American flag golf shirt from Yatta Golf. 

1. Improves Confidence 

Did you know that what you wear actually has an impact on your confidence? Clothes can have an impact on what you think about yourself. Wearing clothes that make you feel good will help your golf game, and improve your mood. Finding clothes that fit you properly is also important for confidence. Wearing clothes that make you feel uncomfortable will have you focusing on that, instead of the task you’re trying to accomplish. Lastly, dressing in ways that bring out your confidence can also spark fresh ideas and help you problem solve more efficiently. Seeing as golf is a mental sport as well as a physical sport, dressing in ways that make you feel confident is essential. 

2. Improves Performance 

Yatta Golf’s American flag golf shirt will improve performance because it’s built with 4-way stretch fabric. Wearing golf shirts that offer 4-way stretch will allow you to swing freely without restriction. This American flag golf shirt will also be more durable due to the 4-way stretch so it will last longer. 

3. Stay Dry On The Course

Another great feature of this American flag golf shirt is that it has moisture resistant material. You can wear this out on the course without worrying about having a sweat stained shirt. You will stay dry and cool on and off the course. 

4. No More Wrinkles

You won’t have to worry about a wrinkly polo because the material is wrinkle resistant. This will save you time because you won’t have to iron your polo. Whether you are traveling, or hustling to a game after work, the wrinkle resistant fabric will keep you looking sharp. 

5. Made From Quality Materials 

Yatta Golf's American flag golf shirt is made from high quality materials. The shirt is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The fabric is strong and durable because it's 95% polyester. Polyester will help retain the beautiful red, white, and blue colors so you stay bold no matter where you wear it. The spandex portion of the fabric is great because it’s lightweight. You will be able to move freely because of this. Spandex also won’t lose its durability due to oils, detergents, lotions, etc. Another benefit of having the material be partially spandex is that it's breathable. Having breathable clothing makes it easier for sweat to leave your clothing, and also keeps wind and water out. 

Yatta Golf’s American flag golf shirt is a bold way to show your patriotism. Check out this American flag golf shirt on their website