Five Reasons Why Buying
Golf Tees Unbreakable Is Worth It

Golf tees that are unbreakable are totally worth the purchase. Below we list some reasons on why golf tees that are unbreakable are worth the purchase, and the best unbreakable tee out there.

1. Saves You Money

Golf tees that are unbreakable will save you money because they aren’t made from cheap materials. Buying cheap tees in bulk will end up costing you more money because they break fast. Buying cheap tees will also affect your golf game in a negative way because they can break on impact. Save your money and get golf tees unbreakable. 

2. Lower Friction 

If friction is becoming an issue for you, golf tees that are unbreakable lower friction on contact. This is a huge benefit because it helps you hit more smoothly. 

3. Durable 

Buying golf tees unbreakable means they are going to be durable. You will be able to play several rounds of golf before your tee breaks. You’ll also want to make sure the quality is amazing so it doesn't bend out of shape. Playing off of a skewed tee will negatively impact the way the ball is played.

4. Consistency 

The best types of golf tees that are unbreakable are ones that create consistency in your game. The tee should be stable so that you can hit off of it consistently no matter what club you play with. 

5. Low Spin & Rule Conforming 

Unbreakable golf tees should have low spin launch. Finding tees that do this will allow you to have further distance on your shots. If you’re wanting to continue to use your unbreakable golf tee in tournaments make sure it’s USGA and R&A rule conforming. 

What’s The Best Golf Tee That’s Unbreakable?

Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees are the best unbreakable golf tees.

The Telos Tee is built with high quality materials so it will last longer. They are made from high impact modified polymer so it's extremely durable, and won’t lose its shape as you take those powerful swings. A tee may be a small accessory, but it definitely can help, or hinder your game, so invest in a good unbreakable tee. 

An incredible aspect of the Telos tees is that one pack lasts the average golfer an entire season. One pack comes with three tees and three discs and costs $9.64. If we were to compare Telos Tees to wooden tees this is what it would look like: 

Ex: 1 pack of wooden tees hold about 120 tees. You can get about 240 hits with that one bag for $6.99. With one pack of Telos Tees you’ll get 600+ hits. It’s a big money saver.

Another great thing about the Telos Tee is that they are USGA and R&A rule conforming. You can compete and play leisurely without any worry. 

Telos Tees are by far the best golf tee that’s unbreakable. Consider trying out Telos Tees.