Seven Golf Etiquette Rules Every
Beginner Golfer Should Know

Learning proper golf etiquette and golf rules for beginners is important for every beginner golfer. Below is a list of golf course etiquette every beginner golfer should know. 

1. Turn Off Electronics 

Turning off your cell phone is a great way to follow golf course etiquette. Turning off your cell phone while other people are taking their shots is respectful.

If you do need to make a phone call, step away from your group, speak quietly, and make it brief so you don’t distract other golfers.

If you can’t turn off your cell phone, at least put it on silent. 

2. Leave The Course Better Than You Found It 

This golf etiquette rule is simple:

  • If you make a divot, repair it. 
  • If you went into the sand bunker, rake it. 
  • If you have trash, pick it up. 
  • If you see trash, pick it up. 

A good rule of thumb with this is to ask yourself,

“If I were to be the next person to play, would I be upset, or content with the way it was left?”

3. Keep Your Cool

Yes, golf can be an extremely challenging sport, but you need to keep your cool. Yelling obscenities, throwing clubs, and barking at other players won’t fix a faulty shot.

Remember to take a deep breath, and that you can do better on the next hole.

You can also practice on the driving range so you feel more confident on the course.

4. Be Aware Of The Time

Showing up on time, and not being the slowest player is a great way to follow golf etiquette rules for beginners. If you have a tee time at 12:15 show up on time. There are other people who are also wanting to play, and they shouldn’t have to wait on you.

When playing your rounds, make sure you keep the pace with your group, or let the group behind you go in front of you. 

5. Follow Cart Rules

When you show up to play, make sure you know the golf cart rules, and stay on the cart paths to keep the course nice. 

6. Be Silent While Others Are Hitting

When someone is taking their shot, you should be silent. Having a loud distraction can alter the way someone swings. 

7. Bring Several Golf Balls

As a beginner you will probably lose several golf balls. If you lose one, just spend 3 minutes looking for it then move on with a new golf ball.

One way to avoid losing a golf ball is to watch where it lands, and other players can help watch where it lands too.

Overall, just don’t spend 10 minutes looking for a golf ball. This will slow your group, and other groups behind you as well. 

Golf etiquette rules are something every beginner golfer needs to know. Make sure you know the rules so you can all have an enjoyable time on the golf course.