Five Factors On What To Look For
When Buying Golf Clubs

In this article we are going to go over what to look for when buying golf clubs. Consider these five factors when deciding which golf clubs you’re going to buy. 

1. Look And Feel

When you get ready to take your swing you should feel confident and comfortable with the club in your hand. Your club should inspire confidence as you carry it around, and use it. This does not mean that you have to buy certain brands, or styles. Each golfer is different which means different clubs feel good for different people. You don’t have to get a certain brand because everyone else is, find what feels and looks best for you. 

2. Grip

The grip of a club is not something you want to overlook, afterall it is the only part of the club you personally make contact with. You’ll want to figure out if you like a tacky, or coarse grip type.

 The environment you’re playing in may also affect the type of grip you want. Ultimately, the type of grip you want is a personal preference and shouldn’t be overlooked.

3. Performance 

Although you may want some distance on different clubs, that’s not the only factor you want to look at when it comes to performance. You should look at the entire club. You’ll want to look at the overall consistency, loft, shaft, distance, forgiveness, flex, loft angle, and anything else that you feel will affect your performance. Your performance will be affected by all those different factors. Make sure you find a club that provides consistent performance.

4. Skill Level 

For beginners, the best thing to do is to buy the golf clubs slowly, and then buy more advanced golf clubs as you become better. Golf clubs that are fitted or the best brands aren’t necessary for beginners. Beginners can borrow a set or buy used golf clubs to practice with. If you decide to buy a set, get a beginner set. Most beginner sets come with everything you’d need to start golfing. They may include a driver, irons, a wedge, putter, and a bag. As you become more advanced you’ll want to purchase a set of clubs that meet your skill level.

5. Simplify 

If it’s your first time playing golf, don’t worry too much about buying the perfect clubs, or golf balls. As you become more advanced those things will matter, but as a beginner you’re still trying to get a feel for things.

This is the same thing when buying golf balls as a beginner. You do not need to buy premium golf balls. Chances are you’re going to lose a lot of them because you’re a beginner. As you advance it will make more sense to buy better golf balls.

We hope this simple checklist on what to look for when buying golf clubs was helpful. Feel free to refer to this article when buying golf clubs.