Five Benefits Of Golf
That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Are you looking for an excuse to play more golf? Well, there’s actually a lot of benefits of playing golf. Let's start this article off by looking at the mental health benefits of golf.

1. Mental Health

There are mental health benefits of golf! Golf is extremely strategic, in fact 90% of the game is spent mentally calculating how to complete the rounds. According to Roy Morgan Research, golfing can help lower anxiety, depression, stress, and panic attacks. Escaping onto those beautiful golf courses is a great way to take a break from the stress of life. Taking mental breaks on the golf course can allow you to enter the world refreshed, and complete important tasks off the course. Stay mentally well, and keep playing golf.

2. Golfing Is Great For Business

One of the benefits of golf is improving your business relationships. A lot of people in business use golfing as a way to connect with colleagues and bosses. Golfing is a great way to connect and talk about anything in a beautiful location. Doing so may help you build new business relationships, or even meet other people in business that are a part of other similar industries that you’re associated with. The golf course may also be a great place to network.

3. Decreased Chance Of Injury

One of the benefits of playing golf is that it’s a low risk sport, so you can play throughout all stages of life. Golfing is easier on your joints when compared to other sports, so there’s a lower chance of getting injured while playing. Golf is a contactless sport so you’ll still be enjoying the benefits of moving your body, with greater control over possible injuries.

4. Better Balance

Golfing focuses a lot on balance and engaging your core. Doing exercises that engage your core allow your pelvis, lower back, hips, and abdomen to work in harmony to create balance and stability. This is not only great for young golfers, but for experienced golfers as well as core exercises may improve balance, muscle function, and strength. Balance is especially important in preventing future injuries. Engage those core muscles and reap the benefits of playing golf.

5. Fresh Air

One of the benefits of golfing is getting outside. Playing golf outside has many possible benefits such as improves your mood, exposes you to the sun so you’ll get more vitamin D, lowers blood pressure, and may even boost your immune system.

There are many benefits of playing golf that you don’t want to miss out on. Check out this article for even more benefits of golf.