Best Golf Tees -
Tee Off With Greater Consistency
Play Better Golf

Here is a guide on finding the best golf tees that generate consistency, are durable, and are hard to lose. Yatta Golf’s Telos Tees are the tees we suggest that will meet all the criteria for the best golf tees.

The Top Golf Tee For Consistency

A top golf tee will have the correct tee height every time it is used. Consistency is an important factor in teeing up because even a slight variation in height will dramatically affect your game.

If you are a beginner, it is especially important for you to find a tee that creates consistency because it will help you improve faster. Consider purchasing impact tape to see where you are connecting the golf ball with the club to also improve your consistency.

We suggest using Yatta Golfs Telos Tees if you want consistency when teeing up. The unique disk allows you to set a fixed height every single time, thus creating the consistency you need. To the right is a guide on what the proper height is for irons, woods, and drivers.


The Best Golf Tee For Durability 

Many golfers go through a ton of tees each golf season which is a waste of time and money. Whatever people say to you, the quality of your golf tee will contribute greatly to the quality of your game.

When looking for the best rated golf tees make sure they are made out of durable polymers. Golf tees made out of durable polymers are built to last longer and save you money. However, it is important to find tees that don’t bend because it will make it more difficult to use. It will also be important to find tees that don’t fly out of the ground.

Telos Tees are our top option for durable tees because they are made of impact-modified polymer, and will last the average golfer an entire season.

Top Golf Tee You’ll Never Lose While Playing

Many tee’s go missing on impact from the golf club. As a result there is a lot of time wasted looking for a tee, instead of playing golf! We suggest using Telos Tees because the tee stays in the ground upon impact, or it moves very little. The brightly colored disk options allow you to spot the tee quickly which saves you time, money and frustration. 


Consistently, durability, and difficult-to-lose tees are what you should aim for when purchasing. Telos Tees are a great tee because they meet all of the criteria, for what we believe, to be the best golf tees.