Best Golf Tees for Beginners  

Premium. Adjustable. Darn Near Unbreakable.

New to golf? View our personal choice for the best golf tees for beginners. Below are 3 things to look for in beginner golf tees so you can start off confident.

1. Improve Your Consistency with the Best Tees for Beginners

Choose a golf tee that helps you quickly insert it into the ground at the same (and correct) height every time. Doing so will enable you to build confidence and eliminate one of the variables that affect performance because, let's be honest, who wants to think about shaft lean, swing plane, impact position, and tee height on top of all that? Teeing up at the correct height for each club you use can quickly improve any beginner's golf game and thus is the MOST critical feature to have in golf tees for beginners.


2. Beginner Golf Tees that Are Built to Last

Why waste time and money buying a new bag of golf tees every month if you don't have to? There are quite a few golf tees on the market that are made out of durable polymers. These nearly unbreakable golf tees will last you considerably longer than typical wooden tees, but the trick is finding ones that don't bend (because they become difficult to use) and don't fly out of the ground (so you don't have to spend 5 minutes searching for your tee every time you use it). Telos Tees, however, don't have either of those problems and as a result, are the best golf tees for beginners.

3. Difficult to Lose Golf Tees Are Best

Golf tees that stay in the ground no matter the ground conditions make your life simple. As Bob Marley once said, "Why ya spendin' so much time chasin' 'it' when you'd ratha be havin' fun man?" The best way for beginners to get better at golf is to actually play more golf, so don't waste time with flawed "unbreakable" tees that you have to spend 5 minutes looking for every time you use them. Make sure the tees you buy either stay in the ground reasonably well and/or have high-contrast colors so they are easy to spot. And that concludes the three key features to look for in the best golf tees for beginners.