Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather
 - The Must Haves

There’s nothing like a nice summer day to play golf with your buddies, but sometimes it gets so hot! That’s why we’ve created a blog post on the best golf shirts for hot weather. Keep reading to find out more!

Types of Fabric


When looking for the best shirt for hot weather look for those with spandex. 

Due to the thin material it won’t trap the heat in. Spandex also resists sunlight which is great for when you are out golfing all day. 

The spandex material doesn’t break down when it's exposed to sweat or hygiene products such as detergents, lotions, and body oils. This is a great benefit of spandex because your shirt will last longer.

When spandex is combined with polyester, cotton or wool it wicks moisture away. In other words, it quickly gets rid of moisture during physical activities such as golf. A moisture-wicking fabric transfers sweat to the top layer of the material, and then quickly dries out so the sweat doesn’t soak into the fabric.

With all this in mind, we believe shirts made from spandex are great hot weather golf shirts.


Polyester has become one of the go to fibers for high performance apparel. 

Shirts made of polyester are great because they're durable and lightweight. When choosing a shirt it should feel light and not heavy. 

Polyester has moisture-wicking properties so you won’t be drenched in sweat. It's durable, retains its shape, and is stain resistant. 

Polyester is wrinkle free! This is great because you won’t have to iron your shirts, your appearance looks crisp and neat, and if you’re traveling to a new golf course or tournament it won’t wrinkle. 

Polyester is a great fabric to choose for hot weather!

Should the shirt be loose or tight?

A shirt that is too tight will restrict your movement and not allow you to take the best swing possible. 

On the other hand, if your shirt is too loose it will cause too much movement during your swing. 

What you want to find is a shirt that has the ability to stretch and return back to its original shape once you have taken your shot.

    What are the Best Golf Polos for Hot Weather?

    Yatta Golf Polos are just what you need for hot days on the golf course. Three of their polos are shown on the right.

    These polos were built with a 4-way stretch to allow you to swing without restriction, and it will return back to its original shape because these polos are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. 

    Yatta Golf Polos have moisture wicking properties so you aren't soaked in sweat. Their polos are also wrinkle resistant which saves you time and is great for travel. 

    The athletic fit will leave you feeling confident and cool on those hot days on the course.

    For more information on Yatta Golf Polos check out their website!