Why Fixed Height Golf Tees are
the Best Choice for You

Fixed height golf tees are just better. Keep reading for the several reasons why you should consider buying a fixed height golf tee.

Standard Golf Tee Height Every Time

Fixed height golf tees provide consistency in the height you need to make your shots. The standard golf tee height you want is where the bottom of the golf ball is at the same level as the top of your club.

A fixed height tee will increase your chances of hitting the golf ball squarely with the club which will improve your consistency.

Having a standard tee may cause you to tee the ball too low, resulting in you hitting the top half of the golf ball and driving it into the ground. Teeing the ball too low may also shorten your tee shot, instead of having it soar through the air.

Teeing the ball too high isn’t any better. Doing so may cause you to hit the lower half of the golf ball, sending it straight up in the sky, or may create a harsh backspin.

Luckily, fixed height tees were developed to fix these issues. 

Telos Tees

Telos tees are a great option for fixed height golf tees that are USGA-certified. These unique tees provide a quick and easy way to adjust the tee height by providing adjustable discs. The tees are made with high-grade impact-resistant polymers which makes them extremely durable and practically indestructible. As a result, the average golfer will be able to enjoy an entire golf season by purchasing just one pack of Telos Tees.

Telos tees will save you time, make your hits more consistent, and save you money because you won’t have to waste it purchasing a million flimsy standard tees. Additionally, you can use the discs as a ball marker! Yatta Golf, the developers of the Telos tee, took it a step further and provided a guide on how to adjust the height of your tee based on the type of club you choose. 

When using an iron, set it to the lowest setting (as shown on the left). For wood, you’ll want to adjust the tee so that the bottom of the golf ball is level with the top of the club you’re using (shown in the middle). When using a driver, set the adjustable tee to the highest setting (shown on the right). 

You can purchase these fixed height tees on their website and choose from a variety of colors (shown below). You just can’t go wrong with Yatta Golfs fixed height Telos tees! 

Additional Benefits of Fixed Height Tees

An additional benefit of fixed height tees is your pocket won’t be overflowing with tees. You won’t have to buy several different heights of tees because a fixed height tee, such as the Telos tee, lets you adjust the height. It will save you space and time! For beginner golfers, having a fixed height tee will make their hits more consistent, thus making the learning process more enjoyable. 

Try out fixed height golf tees, such as Telos Tees, today and get an upper hand on your opponents!