Are Golf Lessons Worth It?
What To Know Before You Invest

Are golf lessons worth it? This article is here to help you make a definitive decision on whether golf lessons are worth investing your money, time, and energy into. 

Why Should I Get Golf Lessons? 

Golf is not an intuitive sport. From learning how to swing, to strategic play, an individual needs lots of practice. Here are some reasons why golf lessons are worth it! 

Understanding The Rules And Language 

Playing golf is almost like learning a new language with new words introduced such as bogey, ace, par, birdie, green, bunker and so much more! Golf lessons will help you understand the new lingo without making you feel stupid. Taking golf lessons will give you the time you need to ask questions and learn the rules of golf before playing an actual game. Golf lessons will teach you how to keep score, how to select the right club, proper grip and more.


One does not simply pick up a club and know the proper way to hold and swing it, or even which club to pick up. Taking golf lessons will allow someone else to evaluate your technique and tell you what you’re doing right, and what you can improve on. They will see things you probably aren’t seeing, which will dramatically improve your game. Some instructors also video you playing so they can break down your swing step by step. Taking golf lessons from the start will help you form proper technique for your stance, grip, and swing. 


Just like with any other sport, there’s a proper etiquette to follow. Your instructor will teach you about the dress code, tee time, when to take your turn, proper use of electronics etc. This is extremely beneficial because you want to be respectful of everyone on the course. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Golf lessons can range from $25-$60 for a half an hour to 45 minute lesson. If you’re looking to have around an hour it’s closer to $75-$100 per hour. Your instructor's advice could save you money however. They know about all types of gear, and training equipment and which ones will be long lasting. 

How Many Lessons Should I Take?

Taking at least one lesson before playing a game is beneficial because you will have a little background knowledge. However, five lessons is the ideal recommendation. There are beginner golf lesson packages that can be great if you want to save money and get better at golf. 

Do Professionals Need Lessons?

Absolutely! Just like an amateur golfer, a professional golfer can get rusty if they don’t practice regularly. When a professional builds the correct habits for their swing, grip, stance etc. it takes a professional instructor to find and correct these aspects so they can be even better. 

So, are golf lessons worth it? Yes! Everyone ranging from amateurs to pros needs golf lessons. We highly suggest that you take golf lessons to improve your skills and figure out how you can optimize your game.