Anti Slice Tee - Does It Exist And Is It Legal?

Are there anti slice tees that help prevent you from slicing the golf ball? Are anti slice golf tees legal? Continue reading to find out more about no slice golf tees and if it's legal to use. 

What Does Slice Mean In Golf?

A slice is when someone hits a shot that goes dramatically to the left or the right while it’s in flight. Sometimes golfers will do this intentionally, but more often than not it’s the result of a mishit. Among handicap golfers and recreational players, this is the most common mistake. 

Anti Slice Golf Tees

There are anti slice tees that can help you prevent slicing the golf ball. Tees such as the RecTeeFier Golf- Slice Correction Tee, Anti-Slice Golf Tee By JP Lann, and Gracefulvara 10Pcs/Pack Golf Anti-Slice Tees. But are these anti slice golf tees legal per the USGA rules?

Are No Slice Golf Tees Legal?

No. According to the USGA rules, a tee is used to raise the ball off the ground. Below is a list of tee rules:

  • A tee cannot be longer than 4 inches (101.6 mm)

Not all anti slice tees break this rule. Some anti slice tees range from 3-3.25 inches which is under the 4 inch limit the USGA provided.

  • A tee cannot be designed or manufactured to indicate line of play

Anti slice tees break this rule because they are manufactured to guide the direction that the player wishes the ball to go after their stroke. 

  • A tee cannot influence the movement of the ball 

Due to the anti slice tee trying to prevent the ball from going far left or far right, it breaks this USGA rule. 

  • A tee cannot assist a player in making a stroke or in their play

Again, a no slice golf tee is used to enhance the golfer's golf game and is not legal per USGA rules. 

The only exception to these golf tee rules is if there are difficult turf conditions, tees that are tethered together or anchored can be used during the round. As long as the player doesn’t tether it to indicate line of play or assist the player in making a stroke. 

When Can I Use No Slice Golf Tees?

You can use anti slice golf tees if you are participating in recreational golf.

It becomes an issue when you take it to a competitive golf competition. 

We hope this article helped you. Make sure to look up the USGA rules before competing in a competitive tournament!