A Golf Tee Height Guide For Golf Clubs

With a plethora of clubs to choose from it can become difficult to remember the correct tee height for all of them. That’s why we’ve decided to create a golf tee height guide for golf clubs!

Tee Height for Irons

Whenever you tee up for an iron (or any club at that) it’s important to make sure there’s no grass between your club and the golf ball at impact. A small blade of grass, or early morning dew can create backspin and your shot will not go as planned. 

With this in mind, your irons should be just above ground level. The picture to the right shows Yatta Golf’s tee height guide for an iron club. 

Experiment with what feels right for you and your iron golf club.

Tee Height for Hybrids

Hybrids were uniquely designed to have more weight in the sole so you’ll want to tee it about a half inch above ground level. 

Having it a half inch above ground level will allow the weight to get under the ball thus propelling it the distance you envision. 

Tee Height for Woods

A lot of beginner golfers tee woods at 1.5 inches, but this is far too high. 

The wood face isn’t very deep, so putting it at 1.5 inches won’t give you the best shot. 

Instead, the tee height should be just above the grass line. 

On the right is a demonstration on the proper tee height for a wood.

Tee Height for Drivers

After taking a poll of Golf’s Top 100 Teachers, you’ll want to have the height of your tee around 1.5 inches or above for a driver. 

 The top of your club should be halfway up the ball so it hits “the sweet spot” (shown below). Hitting “the sweet spot” minimizes the amount of spin on the ball which can make the ball go farther.

Remember to experiment with the golf tee height guides provided in this blog. To do so, we suggest getting impact tape (shown below) to see where the ball is hitting your club.

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