7 Top Golf Tips for Beginners to Beat Your Handicap

Still getting the hang of golf but feel like you need to tune your game up a few notches? It can be frustrating for a beginner, but with a few tips, everything will start to click.

The trick is in the details, so today we'll break down 7 golf tips for beginners to refine your game. Even the smallest of changes can make massive impacts.

Eager to begin? Let's dive right in and start breaking down that handicap.

1. Understanding Your Aim

The biggest part of golf is crafting your stance, posture, and swing to make a perfect aim. Every detail counts and you want to break them all down so you understand how they work together.

You can use pictures, diagrams, videos, or if you have it, a personal trainer to go through each step of the golfing process. Break it down and practice it a thousand times over.

2. Perfecting Stance and Posture

Golfing posture focuses on the hips, though it is more complex than that. You want to tilt your body there instead of twisting your whole self at the waist.

Your stance is another often-missed dynamic. You want your feet to be spread apart so that they're square with your hips. Too wide and you lose your control, too narrow and you lose balance.

3. Your Grip Matters

A good grip on your golf club makes a huge difference. You must hold your dominant hand in front of your other hand, wrapping them both so that the club comes out between your wrapped thumb.

4. Using Your Hips for the Down Swing

Most faults in someone's swing comes from twisting their upper body for the momentum. The action should come from your hips.

Start by twisting your hips in the motion you want the club to go. Your upper body will follow the same movement in a natural motion that brings your club down and around.

5. The Right Equipment

All of this practice and form does little if you're playing with shoddy equipment. There is a massive variety of clubs and each one makes a difference for what you want to do. Even the proper tees can make a massive difference in how you play.

If you enjoy this sport enough to practice, it is worth the investment. Buy some quality pieces.

6. Build up From the Driving Range

Hopping right onto a busy golf course to practice your swing and posture is a great way to anger other golfers and put yourself in too deep. That's why driving ranges exist.

Driving ranges are the perfect place for practice. They provide plenty of balls and even have professionals on hand to give out some pointers and practice sessions. Hop in and practice to your heart's content.

7. Consistency in Practice Is Key

Speaking of which, everyone says it everywhere and in everything, but practice makes perfect. Even more important is consistency in practice.

If you practice your stance for an hour every 3 days, for example, keep up the schedule! Golf is a game of muscle memory, so train your muscles with a solid schedule you can keep. Golf will be second nature in no time!

Perfecting These Golf Tips for Beginners

The great thing about these quality golf tips for beginners is how they fit right into any professional's core regimen. These ideas will last with you for years and keep your game sharp.

When you need to upgrade your game in a different way, check out our stellar equipment. Contact us today for more details on what pieces can drive up your game!