7 Pro Tips for Choosing Golfing Supplies

Just over 34 million people in 2019 played golf.

With each new year pushing people to find new hobbies, it won't be surprising if there are even millions more by this point. Golf is a competitive game for some and a relaxing treat for others.

Golf is a uniquely personalized sport, allowing for individual styles from each player. It's why it's one of the most exciting sports to watch and play. Another exciting aspect of golf is picking out your own equipment.

How do you know how to choose the equipment? Keep reading below to discover 7 tips you need to know now on selecting golfing supplies.

1. Start Slow if You're New

It can be tempting to blow a bunch of money on something that's shiny and new in our life. If you're new to the sport, buy beginner tees and clubs or used clubs to get started.

You won't have much of a need for a driver yet, but a basic range of irons and a putter should do the trick. This way, you'll be able to get a hang of the sport before you start investing big money. 

2. Try Before You Buy

Once you're ready to invest in new golf supplies, it's best to try before you buy. The right equipment can feel different to everyone.

Testing it before buying it guarantees the performance of the clubs is as good as expected. After you buy them, you'll want to practice with them a bit to get used to the feeling. 

3. Go Big or Go Home

There's no point in trying to impress people with small-headed drivers. Find a driver with a larger surface area, and it'll greatly improve your game.

Finding a driver that works for you doesn't even have to empty your wallet. You can find a suitable driver for around $50-$75.

4. Look at Graphite Shafts

If you're struggling with a slow swing, check out clubs with graphite shafts. They're some of the best golf supplies because the shafts are lightweight.

Because the head will be heaving in a club with a graphite shaft, the weight of the swing will be focused on the direct hit. 

5. Consider Custom Clubs

A custom club fitting isn't as expensive as it sounds, but it's a great investment to make if you're a regular golfer. When getting a fitting, they'll consider things like your height and your personal technique. 

6. Understand Your Abilities

When choosing golf supplies, it's crucial you know your strengths and weaknesses. Everything from the materials used to the shape of the head is designed to do different things. If there's something you want to improve, choose equipment that'll help improve it. 

7. Focus on Your Equipment

As you focus on your abilities, stay focused on your equipment. Don't become distracted with what everyone else has.

If you see a popular brand or club, give it a try, but don't marry the idea of owning the same club. You want what helps your game, not the person's beside you. 

Play Your Best With the Best Golfing Supplies

Some people say it's not about the equipment and only about skill. In golf, the quality of the game has a lot to do with the quality of the golfing supplies.

Start with beginner clubs if you're new to the sport, and invest in more expensive clubs as you go along. You should also consider getting a custom fitting done at some point. Trust your gut, and know your game.

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