7 Best Golf Movies:
Funny Golf Movies & Classics

The best golf movies get you excited about the sport yet can also be enjoyed by your non-golfer friends! We created a list of our favorite funny golf movies and classics. Some of these movies are famous in the golf community, and some are fairly new golf movies for you to add to your watch list. Read below. Warning, there may be some spoilers. 

Best Funny Golf Movies

The Phantom of the Open (2021, PG-13)

The Phantom of the Open” is the best of the new golf movies. Based on a true story, this film follows Maurice Flitcroft as he enters the 1976 British Open without ever having played a round of golf before. Though he shoots the worst round in Open history, Maurice gains popularity for his extreme optimism and determination to pursue his dreams. Viewers have found this golf film to be funny and heartwarming.

The Short Game (2013, PG)

The Short Game,” directed by Josh Greenbaum, is a documentary about 7-year-old golf prodigies competing at the Pinehurst Golf Course in North Carolina. This documentary artfully shows the unique and charming personalities of the child competitors. They say some of the funniest things that will have you chuckling in your seat. Watch to see which competitor becomes the next Junior Golf World Champion. This is one of the best golf movies and is enjoyed among both fans and non-fans of golf. 

Happy Gilmore (1996, PG-13)

Happy Gilmore,” starring Adam Sandler, is a classic among funny golf movies. It tells the story of a young man named Happy Gilmore who joins a golf tournament to try to win money to save his grandmother's house. Despite having no experience playing golf, Happy becomes a successful player thanks to his unorthodox and aggressive style of play.

Best Uplifting Golf Movies

Swing Away (2016, PG)

After being suspended from the LPGA tour, Zoe goes to Greece to stay with her grandparents. In Greece, Zoe begins to mentor a young, aspiring golfer at a local golf course. When Zoe learns that the owner of the golf course plans to sell it, she enlists the help of the community to keep the course running. Though it has a fairly predictable plot, viewers find "Swing Away" to be sweet and family-friendly.

The Greatest Game Ever Played (2005, PG)

"The Greatest Game Ever Played" is a disney sports drama film about the 1913 U.S. Open golf tournament. The famous golf movie is based on the true story of Francis Ouimet, an American amateur golfer who competes against his idol, British professional Harry Vardon. Despite being an outsider, Ouimet manages to defeat Vardon and win the tournament, becoming the first amateur to do so. 

Tommy's Honour (2016, PG)

"Tommy's Honour" is a biographical drama film directed by Jason Connery and set in 1866 St. Andrews, Scotland. The film tells the story of the tumultuous relationship between Old Tom Morris and his son, Young Tom Morris, both of whom are pioneering figures in the game of golf. Old Tom is a respected course designer and greenkeeper, while Young Tom is a talented golfer who becomes the first professional player in the history of the sport. Despite their differences, the two men share a deep bond and a love for the game that ultimately brings them closer together.

From the Rough (2011, PG)

From the Rough” is a sports drama film directed by Pierre Bagley. The film is based on the true story of Catana Starks, the first woman to coach a college men's golf team. Starks, played by Taraji P. Henson, takes on the challenge of leading the Tennessee State University golf team to victory, despite facing numerous obstacles and setbacks along the way. The film also stars Tom Felton, Henry Simmons, and Michael Clarke Duncan.

We think these are the best golf movies, but there are plenty more out there! Once you have watched the movies on this list, go search for other awesome golf movies!