5 Quick Tips to Driving the Ball Farther

With tee time at 9 am, you know how important this business deal is. Not only do you want to impress your colleagues with words, but also your swing. You haven't golfed in quite some time.

The fear and anxiety set in as you approach the tee. You don't want to embarrass yourself or your team. You set up your shot, here goes nothing.

You barely make it to the fairway. You look back at your colleagues snickering. If only you could drive farther, you'd earn their respect.

Wondering how to hit longer drives? Aren't we all? Stick around and read our guide below on some of the best golf driving tips around!

1. Tee Up

If you're wanting to drive farther, a great tip is to tee the ball higher. High tee height will have you hitting the ball in an upward fashion. The launch angle of the ball will increase through the dynamic loft.

Teeing the ball higher will also diminish backspin. Not to mention, when you hit the inside of the ball, you'll hit the golf ball farther. Be sure to understand why our tee beats out the rest.

2. Get a Grip

Pay attention to your grip. You'll want your knuckles of your non-dominant hand headed towards your target. You won't want to squeeze the club too hard.

You'll want it gentle enough, but firm enough so that it doesn't send the club flying.

3. It's All in the Hips

We all know the Happy Gilmore scene where Chubbs is teaching Happy how to swing. He says it's all in the hips, and he's right!

On your downswing, rather than using your arms to push through the motion, try your hips. Your hips can be used to generate momentum when twisting your body.

From the twist, your hips will provide torque from the backswing, thus allowing you to drive farther.

4. Straight Lead Arm 

Wondering how to hit longer drives? Aren't we all? You're going to want to keep your lead arm straight (left arm for righties, right arm for lefties).

By keeping your lead arm straight, the distance from the clubhead to the ball increases. When you do this, the impact of your shot is more powerful resulting in longer golf drives.

5. Got Loft?

You're going to want to increase your loft if you want to drive farther. How do you decide on your driver's loft angle? It depends on your swing speed, the slower the speed the higher the angle.

Treat your angle like it's your best friend. Many amateurs to pro golfers rely on their loft angle. Find the one that works for you and stick with it!

Drive Farther and Reach the Green

Now that you have some tips in your back pocket, you'll want to hit the links in no time. You won't have to concern yourself about how to drive farther. Soon enough, your colleagues will ask you for the advice!

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