5 Must Try Bunker Shot Tips
To Improve Your Game

Bunker shots are some of the hardest in the entire game of golf. Getting a good sand shot takes a lot of practice. Continue reading to learn about the best golf bunker tips so you can play with ease.

1. Evaluate The Sand

The first bunker shot tip is to evaluate the sand. Just like you would evaluate the rough, you’ll need to do this with the sand. Look to see if it’s packed sand, wet, dry, or finer. Depending on the condition of the sand your strategy will have to change. For example, if the sand is more like cement then soft sand you’ll want to swing easy. Your golf ball is going to get out of the golf bunker a lot faster than a normal bunker shot.

2. Lay The Face Open

Another sand shot tip is to have the face of your wedge open. You’ll want to have the face pointing almost directly to the sky because it will give you maximum loft, and will expose the bounce on the bottom of the club to the sand when you swing. 

3. Practice In The Bunker

One of the best ways to practice getting out of a bunker is to practice bunker shots! This may sound contradicting, but if you practice sand shots it may become easier to get out of. Just like you practice at the driving range to perfect your shots, give yourself some practice in a golf bunker as well, it might just work. 

4. Have The Right Stance

You need to have a good set up if you want to have a great bunker shot. To have a great set up you’ll want to dig your feet into the sand. You can do this by twisting your feet into the sand. This will help you have a solid stance, and will let you know how deep the sand is around your ball. You will also mostly want to play the ball off your front foot. You will then want to open your stance and club face as mentioned above. Lastly, place your weight on your front foot. 80% of your weight should be on your front foot with 20% on your back foot so it creates a steep descent. Try this bunker shot tip and see if it helps.

5. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Your Mind

Just like it’s important to practice your physical shots, you need to practice mentally as well. One of the best sand shot tips is to approach your shot with confidence. Visualize where you want your ball to go, and avoid doubts entering your mind. This won’t totally eliminate a bad shot, but it can help you move on from a bad shot without getting frustrated, and may even help you get out of the golf bunker.

Try out these bunker shot tips! Once you're done working on your short game, check out some of our best golf driving tips as well.