4 Golfing Tips to Help You Golf Like a Pro

Did you know that the average male golfer in the US has a handicap of 16.1? Meanwhile, the ladies have a nationwide average handicap of 28.9.

Whether your handicap is above or below average, no doubt you want to continue to improve your game. As golfing legend Bobby Jones once said, "The secret of golf is to turn three shots into two."

If you want to learn how to golf like a pro, you're in the right place. Keep reading for four pro golfing tips that will shave a few strokes off your score in no time.

1. Choose the Right Equipment

You don't need to spend a fortune on the latest and greatest clubs, but you should be using equipment that's suited to your current skill level.

For beginner golfers, this could include using drivers and woods with more loft so it's easier to get the ball in the air. You might also benefit from using hybrids instead of long irons — at least until your swing is more consistent.

Your club choice is crucial, but don't overlook the smaller items either. Choose golf balls that place more emphasis on distance rather than spin. And if you aren't already using them, you'll quickly learn that an adjustable golf tee is a total game-changer. 

2. Focus on Your Tempo

Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods may have very different golfing styles, but one thing all great golfers have in common is the right tempo.

Ideally, you want to develop a 3:1 tempo, meaning your backswing is three times as long as your downswing. Fred Couples and Jack Nicklaus have both written books explaining the importance of tempo for players of all skill levels.

Your tempo is one of the fundamentals of golf that's well worth your time to develop correctly.

3. Spend More Time on the Green

We all dream of being able to smash a 400-yard drive like the top pros. But if you really want to start shaving strokes off your scorecard, the place to focus your attention is on the green.

On the PGA Tour, players only sink about 57% of putts between 5-10 feet. Move out to 10-15 feet, and that percentage drops to 33%. If the greatest golfers on earth can only sink one in three putts past 10 feet, think of how much room for improvement you have!

To eliminate three-putts, focus first on your speed control while putting. Then, work on squaring the putter face at impact. Practice putting from a variety of distances — even a three-footer can roll right past the hole if you're not careful.

4. Practice (At Least a Little Bit) Every Day

Last up on our list of golfing tips is to be consistent with your practice routine. If you can spend just 10-15 minutes a day focused on some aspect of your game, you'll progress more than you would with one longer practice session on the weekend.

Experiment with different scenarios to sharpen your skills. How will you hit the ball if it's stuck behind a tree? Caught awkwardly in the rough? Buried on a steep sidehill?

The more prepared you are for the "worst-case scenario," the more your game will improve with time.

Use These Pro Golfing Tips Today

The game of golf is a lifelong opportunity to improve your skills. Even the greatest pros admit they'll never master the game completely.

However, by using the golfing tips listed above, you'll soon be on your way to becoming a much better golfer!

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