3 Of The Best
Driving Range Tips for Beginners

Going to the driving range is a crucial step in improving the golf game for beginners. Below is a list of the three best driving range tips for beginners and will help you learn some of the best golf driving tips as well.

Tip One: Warm Up

One of the driving ranges main purposes is to help you loosen up stiff muscles. You’ll want to take about 10 minutes to warm up your upper and lower body with a special emphasis on the back. This will help prevent injuries from occurring and allow you to have a fuller range of motion while swinging. 

 If you’re feeling overwhelmed on what these warm ups may look like, try out the GOLFFOREVER 2: Golf Fitness app. This app not only provides pre-round warm up videos, but also workout videos on fundamentals, rotational power and more!

Try out this driving range tip for beginners and watch your game improve.

Tip Two: Know the Yardages

When picking a driving range to go to, try to find one that has built in targets to aim for. If there isn’t a driving range like that near you, then it will be beneficial for you to pick a section on the range that is distinguishable from other parts of the range and aim for that. 

 Another thing you can do to know how far you are hitting is to get a rangefinder (shown below). A rangefinder will help you know the exact yardage to your target, thus getting you used to which club you need to use when hitting specific yardages.

 The benefits of using a rangefinder on a driving range (and the golf course) are:

  • You can go to any driving range or golf course because you won’t have to rely on yardage markers to tell you the distance
  • They are efficient, accurate and convenient to have
  • You don’t just have to use it to measure the distance to the target, but also any point on the range and course

We highly recommend purchasing a rangefinder to help improve your game on the driving range (and the golf course).

Tip Three: Go With A Purpose

Whatever your reason is for going to the driving range, make it count! Make a plan before going to the driving range so you get the most out of it. 

You could try to improve your swing, stance, or get familiar with the different clubs. An important driving range tip for beginners is to track basic statistics. These are things like greens hit, fairways hit, clubs used off the tee, yardages hit with certain clubs and whatever else you feel is important for improving your game.

The most important aspect of this tip though is to have fun. Golfing can be a challenging sport, but with the right attitude you will learn to love golf.

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