3 Golf Ball Accessories
You'll Absolutely Love

Golf ball accessories can set you apart from other golfers, and have the potential to improve your golf experience. Check out this list of cool golf accessories!


Are you tired of marking your golf balls with messy pens, stencils or ink stamps? Then you’re in luck because Golfdotz provides some of the best golf ball accessories. Golfdotz created golf ball markers that are durable and apply in seconds!

You may be wondering if it will affect your golf game, but these golf ball accessories won’t affect ball flight or roll, and also conforms to the R&A, USGA Rules of Golf.
From ferocious dragons to dainty flowers, Golfdotz golf ball markers come in a variety of designs to match your specific needs.

You’ll never have to worry about mistaking your ball again with this amazing golf ball accessory. 

Magnetic Ball Marker Clip (Waterproof)

These spunky golf ball accessories may be exactly what you need. You can attach the magnetic ball marker clip to your hat, lapel, or even your shoe laces. You won’t have to worry about stains forming on your apparel because the inner surface of the clips are waterproof.

Golfdotz magnetic ball marker clips also come in a variety of styles including sparkle, designer and matte so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for your golf ball accessory collection. Try out these magnetic ball marker clips to amp up your golf ball accessory collection! 

Golf Ball Divot Repair Tools

Golf Ball Divot Repair Tools are not only great for you, but also great for the golf course and other golfers. This golf ball accessory fixes scuffs and dents that are caused by the golf balls on the grass. They are designed to lift and stretch the golf course grass back into place to prevent further damage to the course.

The picture provided on the right is a top notch golf ball divot repair tool. It is called the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool, and has patented RepairtechTM pins.

This divot repair tool allows anyone who uses it to repair scuffs and dents in the golf course quickly!

This tool is unique because whether the golf course is wet, dry, hard or soft, the interchangeable heads adapt and produce flawless repairs every time. This unique design was built to not only repair divots on the course, but also aerates simultaneously when you push down on the ground. An added perk to using the Greenkeeper Pro divot golf ball accessory is that you won’t have to bend down to repair the divots!

This golf ball accessory is a win for the golfers and a win for the golf course! 

    Try out these three golf ball accessories, you may love them!