10 Best Golf Songs:
Get Pumped for Your Game

Having trouble finding good golf songs to add to your playlist? We have you covered! We found the best golf music across multiple genres just for you. Listen to the 10 best songs about golf below.

Best Golf Songs

1. "Straight Down the Middle" by Bing Crosby

"Straight Down the Middle" is a song that even non-golfers are likely to enjoy. It is a classic jazz song about golf.

2. “Trouble in the Gorse” by Glen Everhart

Glen Everhart’s music is classified as rock, but this particular song has a folky tune. Everhartt has an entire album of great golf music. Listen to his album, “One Putt Strut.”

3. “I Love to Play” by Jake Trout and the Flounders

Jake Trout and the Flounders named their pop rock album, “I Love to Play,” after this song. The album is full of catchy and upbeat golf songs. It is excellent pump-up music before your round on the course.

Funny Songs About Golf

4. “That Golf Song” by Duff Daddy

This is a silly country song about the struggles involved with golfing. We highly encourage you to watch the official music video– it’s very entertaining.

5. “Double Bogey Blues” by Mickey Jones

As hinted in the name, “Double Bogey Blues” is a rhythm and blues song about golf. The lyrics express a golfer’s thoughts and worries on the course.

6. “Bohemian Rhapsody - A Golfing Parody Tribute” by Nigel Tait

If you love to golf and are a fan of Queen, you will enjoy this golf parody of the famous “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Like the original song, this would fall under the genre of progressive rock/pop.

7. “I Hate Golf, But I Still Love to Play” by Ivan Peralta

Ivan Peralta’s golf song is an upbeat, comedic rock song. This is yet another funny song about common golf struggles.

8. “Golf, Golf, Golf” by Archie Campbell

This is a comical country pop song about a man who loves golf more than anything in the world. If you have a partner who does not share your same extreme passion for golf, you may find this song relatable.

Miscellaneous Golf Music

9. “Chase the Fairway” by Golf with Baard

“Chase the Fairway” is in the electronic genre and is written by a Norwegian golfer. It has a pop feel and could easily be enjoyed by non-golfers as well.

10. “Golf Girl” by Caravan

This 1971 rock song is about finding love on a golf course. Although this is Caravan’s only song about golf, classic rock fans will likely enjoy listening to the English rock band’s other famous tunes.

BONUS: NEW Golf Music

Oops, turns out there are more than 10 awesome golf songs. Enjoy the bonus music!

11. "Keep it in the Short Grass" by Bob Galindo, Jr.

This catchy alternative rock song is about a golfer′s determination to keep the ball in the short grass and avoid the rough. Its chill melody makes it a great song to calm your pre-game nerves.

Listening to golf music on your way to the course is a great way to energize yourself for your game. We even like to listen to golf songs throughout the week just to reminisce about the magnificent sport.