What Does Golf Handicap Mean and Apps That Track Your Handicap 

In this blog article the answer to “what does a golf handicap mean” will be answered, and we will provide amazing apps that will help calculate your handicap score. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is A Golf Handicap? 

A golf handicap is used so that players of all skill levels can compete against each other on an even playing field. 

What Does A Golf Handicap Mean? 

If you have a lower handicap than you are probably a more experienced player than someone with a higher handicap. Let's say you are playing with someone who has a handicap of 5. This means that the average player in that skill level plays 5 rounds over par.

Essentially, your handicap is how many strokes over par you should take during your round based on your skill level. 

Apps To Calculate Your Golf Handicap

Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU

The first app we suggest is the Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU. This app allows you to have free handicaps after posting scores for three rounds. This app also has daily tips on how to improve your golf game. Some added bonuses is it also includes a GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, battery efficiency, user friendly technology and it works on every course in the world! 

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

The second app we suggest is the Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker. This app not only tracks and calculates your handicap, but also your friends and competitors. They will also be able to see your handicap. If you are into posting your scores on social media, this app tracks it all and allows you to post it on social media platforms if you so choose.

The Grint

The third app we suggest is The Grint. The unique thing about this app is that theres a free version, but also yearly memberships that can provide more information for you. Here’s a breakdown of what each comes with. 

  • Free version: This version comes with a GPS finder, live scoring, score tracking, customer support, games and points calculation, allows you to organize a team of 4 for your next tee time, Ryder cup Format competitions and customer support if you need it. 
  • Handicap Membership: This is $19.99 a year and it gives you an accurate handicap index from the USGA and the new World Handicap System valid worldwide.
  • Pro Membership: This is $39.99 a year and gives you advanced performance statistics, and you can upload pictures of your scorecard to the app and it will transcribe hole by hole scores for you. 

Try out these awesome apps and find the one that best suits your needs for your handicap score. For more information on golf handicaps check out our blog article What A Golf Handicap For A Beginner Is - Explanation And Averages