The Top Three
Indestructible Golf Tees Of 2021

Indestructible golf tees are a must for any level of golfer. Indestructible golf tees will save you lots of money, because you won’t have to buy bags and bags of flimsy tees. Indestructible golf tees come with loads of benefits which will be covered below. Continue reading to see our top three list of the best indestructible golf tees.

1. Telos Tees

The best indestructible golf tee is Yatta Golf’s Telos Tee

The reason this tee is indestructible is because it is built with impact-modified polymer. This means it will be extremely durable so it won’t break after a few rounds. This type of plastic also makes it so the tee retains its shape after each hit which is unlike any other indestructible golf tee. Having a tee that’s bent will affect your shots, and probably your score.

One pack of Telos Tees lasts the average golfer an entire season! To put this into perspective, one bag of wooden tees is $6.99, and comes with 120 tees, and averages about 240 hits per bag. One pack of telos tees is $9.64, only has 3 tees, and averages over 600 hits per pack. These tees are truly indestructible.

Here’s what some reviewers have to say about the Telos Tee: 

  • “I've used 1 tee for over 2 months of playing...without a break or unusable bend”
  • “Great quality, super strong”
  • “Over 40 rounds with the same tee”
  • “Went thru one summer so far with them and have yet to break one”

2. CHAMPKEY SDP Plus Golf Plastic Tees

The Champkey indestructible golf tee is the next best option. 

The Champkey golf tee has impact ribs to provide more durability and stability while playing. 

The Champkey golf tee is made from hybrid plastic material so you can swing as hard as you want and it won’t break. This also results in a longer service life. 

Some reviewers have stated that the Champkey golf tees: 

  • “Will not break” 
  • “5 months golf later and I'm still only half way thru the bag”
  • “Unbreakable” 
  • “Durable and helps the ball launch smoothly”

3. Pride Performance Professional Tee System

Lastly, the Pride Performance golf tee is also a great adjustable golf tee. 

This indestructible golf tee claims that their plastic material lasts longer, and that the reduced tee friction can generate maximum distance.

Here’s what the reviewers have to say about the Pride Performance indestructible golf tee: 

  • “Apparently I will have these for life because I've only used one for several weeks now”
  • “Incredibly durable and last forever”
  • “Very sturdy design”
  • “Excellent tee and even better value”

Indestructible golf tees are what you need to improve your game and come out a winner! Check out these tees and see which indestructible golf tee works best for you.